What are the working principles of china mining rig psu products


Common china mining rig psu products are dry batteries (direct current) and household 110V-220V AC power. The power supply is based on the principle of "magnetism generates electricity", which is generated by renewable energy sources such as hydraulic power, wind power, sea tide, dam water pressure difference, solar energy, and burning coal and oil residue.

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The application range of china mining rig psu products is so high, which shows that the technology and equipment have been improved a lot, and the equipment after improvement is much better and improved in terms of workmanship and processing. This is a very important point, no matter In which aspects, the production volume will get better and better. With the continuous changes of the current era, the application of this kind of mining machine power supply.

The main purpose of the china mining rig psu products controller is to keep the output voltage stable, and its working process is very similar to the linear form of the controller. That is to say, the functional block, voltage reference and error amplifier of the controller can be designed to be the same as that of the linear regulator.

The difference with china mining rig psu products is that the output of the error amplifier (error voltage) goes through a voltage/pulse width conversion unit before driving the power transistor. There are two main working modes of switching power supply: forward conversion and boost conversion. Although the arrangement of their various parts is very small, the working process is very different, and each has its own advantages in specific applications.

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The common power sources in customized mining rig psu products factory are dry batteries (direct current) and household 110V-220V AC power.

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