Mining rig power supply fault location and repair method


Mining rig power supply fault location and repair method
Intuitive method:
Before repairing the faulty power supply, first use the voltage measurement method to power on to determine whether the power supply has voltage output (one is no voltage output, and the other is voltage output and the fan does not turn)

mining rig power supply
Test that the fan with voltage output does not rotate, and measure the fan port with a multimeter. If there is 12V voltage, it means that the output voltage is normal, just replace the fan with the same model, and then assemble the shell with screws to get a good power supply.
To test the non-voltage output, open the shell and loosen the screws to take out the power PCB board. First, use the visual method to visually check whether the components on the PCB board are burnt out or there are traces of sparking between the device and the radiator.
Resistance method:
Visually inspect the components on the PCB board for no burning traces. First, use a multimeter to check whether the power components are broken down and short-circuited, such as power rectifier bridge stacks, switching tubes, high-frequency high-power rectifier tubes, and high-power resistors that suppress surge currents. broken. Then check whether the resistance of each output voltage port is abnormal. If the parts of these mining rig power supply are damaged, they need to be replaced.

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