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Lianli Dual CPU and 9 gpu server case mining rig case

9 cards are faster and stronger


$ 167

Category: power supply

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  • Size
    • 6.0
  • Memory
    • DDR3 8GB
    • Not selected
  • Hard disk
    • 128GB
    • Not selected
  • Power Supply
    • 2000W
    • 2500W
    • 3300W
    • Not selected




  • Description
  • Specifications
    • Commodity name: Lianli Dual CPU and 9 gpu server case mining rig case
    • Commodity ID: X79-9
    • Price range: 153.33-249.24

    9 cards are faster and stronger


    On the original mainstream 8 GPU platform, we have redesigned the power supply and the placement of the power supply, matched with a very cost-effective dual-socket CPU, used lower-cost server memory, and increased your mining machine by 12%. computing power.



































    10 years of industry experience and rich technology accumulation, and the use of high-quality electronic components to ensure product quality and stable operation

















    Configuration parameters

    Motherboard: LL-BTC X79-9 pitch 60mm
    CPU: 2*LGA (2011 V1/V2)
    Memory: Server DDR3 8GB
    Hard disk: SSD 128G
    Power supply: Chain Force small steel gun 2U series
    Fan: Chain force 12038 fan 4500 rpm
    USB: 2.0*4
    LAN: LAN*1
    Display interface: no (need to connect a graphics card)
    Chassis size: 750*400*178mm
    Packing size: 815*465*250mm
    Supported graphics card length: within 33cm
    Fan: adjustable speed 4500 rpm*5
            5 external fans can be added and the speed can be adjusted at the same time









    The motherboard is bonded using 6 layers of copper foil. Fast transmission speed, stable performance and strong compatibility































































    There are 5 built-in fans, and a space is reserved for the external fan, and a double ball bearing fan is used. Compared with the general oil-impregnated fan,
    Quieter, has a longer lifespan, and supports speed regulation.





































    Adopt double ball bearing fan. Compared with general oil-immersed fans,
    Quieter, longer lifespan, and supports speed adjustment.
























    Galvanized steel sheet, thickness 1.2mm, durable
    Multiple folding design to prevent hands from being cut when assembling graphics card
    Unique paint process, the surface is wear-resistant。

    Key words:
    • Lianli
  • Motherboard : LL-79X9
    CPU : 2*LGA(2011 V1/V2)
    Memory: DDR3 8GB
    Hard Disk : 128G SSD MSATA
    Fan : LIANLI 12038-4500RPM*5
    Power supply: 2U 2500W (low noise)
    Chassis size: 75*400*178cm
    Applicable graphics card: Support 3060 graphics card (within 33CM)
    Packing size: 81*47*25CM
    USB : 2.0*4
    Net weight (KG): 13
    Gross weight (KG): 22



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