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Lianli 55mm Spacing 12 gpu server case mining rig case

The strongest 12GPU server chassis with silent fan


$ 227

Category: power supply

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  • Size
    • 5.5
  • Memory
    • DDR3 4GB
    • DDR3 8GB
    • Not selected
  • Hard disk
    • 64GB
    • 128GB
    • Not selected
  • Power Supply
    • 2000W
    • 2500W
    • 3300W
    • Not selected




  • Description
  • Specifications
    • Commodity name: Lianli 55mm Spacing 12 gpu server case mining rig case
    • Commodity ID: B12S
    • Price range: 227.58-334.09

    The strongest 12GPU server chassis with silent fan

    We have been committed to providing high-quality infrastructure for the development of the blockchain and also taking into account how to maximize the benefits of miners. For this reason, we have launched a 12 gpu mining rig case and re-developed a high-power power supply suitable for 12 GPU operation.




























    10 years of industry experience and rich technology accumulation, and the use of high-quality electronic components to ensure product quality and stable operation












    Product parameter table
    Motherboard: 12 cards in-line PCIE spacing 55MM
    CPU: Intel CPU G3900 (LGA1151)
    Memory: DDR4 4G/8G (optional)
    Hard disk: MSATA 64G/128G (optional)
    Fan: 4500 rpm double ball bearing silent fan * 10
    USB: USB2.0*2 USB 3.0*2
    LAN: Gigabit LAN, RTL8111F network card chip
    Display interface: VGA+HDMI dual interface
    Operating temperature: 0℃-60℃ 10%-90%@40℃
    Weight: 18.5KG after packaging (including power supply)
    Chassis size: 805MM*44OMM*175MM
    Size: Package size: 870*510*245MM (power supply is packaged separately)

























    We specially customize the high-quality motherboard with a pitch of 55MM, which brings better durability and stability than ordinary motherboards.



































































    Double row fans
    Stronger fan wind
    Great heat dissipation
    10*4500RPM adjustable speed Cooling fans























    Adopt double ball bearing fan. Compared with general oil-immersed fans,
    Quieter, longer lifespan, and supports speed adjustment.





























    LIANLI specially developed high-power power supply for B12S GPU CASE



    Key words:
    • Lianli
  • Machine box: frosted black galvanized sheet; thickness 1MM; paint thickness 1.2MM; surface abrasion resistance; double folding process; vertical strength resistance 250KG

    Fan: 10 (12038)

    Wind volume: 180CFM (ft³/min)

    Working life: >50,000 hours

    Rotation speed: 4500rpm±10% Bearing type Ball Bearing (double ball)

    Cooling method: strong wind cooling; one-way air intake*5FAN/one-way air outlet*5FAN

    Main board: LL-B250-ETH V4.0 Intel® Core™ /Celeron® LGA1151 VGA&HDMI, Single LAN, SATA, MSATA DDR4 S0-DIMM

    Power supply: DC 12POWER; recommended chain force direct power supply

    CPU: Intel LGA1151 series processor

    CPU cooling: air volume 31.5CFM (ft³/min)

    Rotation speed: 1900rpm±10%

    Display interface: VGA&HDMI

    USB: USB 2.0*2; USB 3.0*2

    Network port: Gigabit network card, RTL8111F network card chip

    Extended USB2.0: support FUSB to USB 2.0*2

    PCIE : PCIE x16(2.0)*12; slot spacing 5.5cm



    Memory: Maximum capacity 8GB memory slot 260-Pin DDR4 4GB (support 8GB) SO-DIMM slot

    Hard disk: MSATA

    Fan speed controller: adjust the speed according to the PWM duty cycle 500-4500RPM

    Fan extension cable: 110MM±2MM*2

    On Off: Reset > 10000 times

    Operating temperature: 0℃-60℃ 10%-90%@40℃ (Non self-solidifying)

    Storage temperature: -40℃-70℃ 5%-90%@40℃ (Non self-solidifying)

    Net weight: 13.7KG±0.5KG

    Gross weight: 16KG±0.5KG

    Chassis size: 805MM*440MM*175MM±2MM

    Packing size: 875MM*520MM*260MM±10MM

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