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Hydro cooling miner system for Antminer s19 hyd series ASIC miner liquid mining cooling solution


$ 4999

Category: power supply

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  • standard
    • 12 units (Built-in CDU)
    • 24 units (Excluding CDU)
    • 28 units (Excluding CDU)
    • 16 units (Built-in CDU)




  • Description
  • Specifications
    • Commodity name: Hydro cooling miner system for Antminer s19 hyd series ASIC miner liquid mining cooling solution
    • Commodity ID: ll-idc
        LIANLI Technology is the world's leading manufacturer of liquid cooling solutions for miners. These two products are water cooling systems specially developed by us for antminer hydro, equipped with advanced coolant distribution units, and PLC control + remote operating system independently developed by LIANLI. And Heat energy recovery and utilization can be realized. It is the best mining cooling solution on the market

        The cabinet is equipped with a purpose-built PDU with simultaneous outputs of 220V and 380V, meaning that both the original hdyro and the modified hydro miner can be run simultaneously, with individual circuit breakers for each power output. This further ensures the security of the system. Even if one of the miners has a problem, it will not affect the operation of the entire system. .

     Both PDUs are equipped with individual sub-circuit breakers and a main circuit breaker,among them, the brand is Chint, which is a famous brand in China. At the same time, we support customers to specify circuit breaker brands, such as Schneider

    The cabinet has a built-in PLC control module and is connected to the CDU. Various intelligent functions can be realized.

    Powerful and intelligent coolant distribution unit
    Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU). It can realize automatic water addition, pressure monitoring, automatic pressure relief, power monitoring, water temperature monitoring, automatic frequency regulation, flow monitoring, ambient temperature monitoring, water level monitoring, remote control system, and the future development trend of Bitcoin mining: heat energy recycling.


         CDU remote monitoring system. The operating status of the system can be monitored in real time through the mobile APP and computer, and various data can be changed instantly.




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