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Founder of cryptolingo Dao: the attacker's address of 1.2 billion ausds has not been transferred. ACALA may roll back through a referendum


Blockbeats news: on August 14, @ iamjulianac, founder of cryptolingo Dao and twitter user, posted an article on social media, saying that ACALA uses the Amazon functionality palette to make ausd circulate between ACALA and Karura. The horizon protocol was created to allow ausd to serve as a native stable coin and a source of liquidity across the Polkadot and Kusama Multi Chain ecosystems.

Due to the vulnerability of this protocol, the attacker's address (26jmecghnmggvt46sojckg34py9zfrkccfy3gr49hrfgt2k) can transfer more than 1 billion ausds. It is speculated that ACALA has prevented the wallet from transferring assets. The 1.2 billion ausds in the attacker's address have not left the ACALA chain, and ACALA is likely to roll back through a referendum. The ACALA team has not confirmed the relationship between the ibtc / ausd pool and the vulnerability of the horizon protocol.

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