Zcash founder: build end-to-end encryption at the basic layer or make it easier and effective to ensure privacy and anti censorship


Panews news on August 24, Zooko Wilcox, founder of zcash, a cryptocurrency, tweeted: "I think that some consequences of information theory and cryptography cannot be overcome by consensus mechanism and game theory. I am considering privacy and anti censorship, but I do not think that these can be built on the plaintext architecture, that is, the lack of an end-to-end encryption architecture. Although I am not sure whether it is completely impossible to build privacy and anti censorship on the plaintext, I believe that building end-to-end encryption on the basic layer is an easier and more effective method ECC, we are working on a proposal for zcash community on how to transfer zcash to proof of interest (POS), so we are closely studying these ideas. "

It is reported that zcash development company ECC issued a document in August last year, saying that zcash would be considered to change from proof of work (POW) to proof of interest (POS).

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