How to choose a mining rig reasonably


Open-pit mining is a project to extract useful minerals in the crust from the surface down in an open environment with the help of mining, excavation and transportation equipment. It is mainly composed of perforation, blasting, mining and transportation. These four tasks are related to The mining rig is inseparable and is the key to the open pit mining project. At the same time, the cost of open-pit mining is mainly composed of the loss of mining equipment and oil consumption, so the selection of mining equipment will play a dominant role in the process and cost of open-pit mining. This article shares how to choose a mining rig reasonably.

mining rig reasonably
1. Equipment selection sequence
The selection process of open-pit mining equipment is generally to select the appropriate shoveling equipment first, and determine the supporting transportation equipment, and then select the perforation equipment. After the main equipment is properly matched, then select and confirm the auxiliary equipment.
2. Selection of excavator
The selection of an excavator is a complicated process, but it is mainly determined according to the total amount of mine stripping, physical and mechanical properties of ore rocks, mining technology and equipment performance, in order to give full play to the efficiency of mining rig, and the production equipment in each process link should be mutually Adaptation and supporting are reasonable.

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