How Liquid cooling system china works


Liquid cooling system china is a commonly used liquid cooling system for computers. It refers to the use of water or other liquids with high specific heat capacity as the medium to help take away the heat energy of the internal parts. The essence of water cooling and air cooling is the same, but in liquid cooling, the circulating fluid is used to transfer the heat of the CPU from the water cooling block to the heat exchanger and then dissipate it, because the heat dissipation area of the heat exchanger and the heat dissipation environment are far better Compared with ordinary air-cooled radiators, the cooling effect of liquid cooling is very obvious.

Liquid cooling system china
The function of the cooling system is to dissipate part of the heat absorbed by the heated parts in time to ensure that the engine works at the most suitable temperature state. The cooling system of the engine is divided into air-cooled and water-cooled. Water cooling is divided into integrated water cooling and split water cooling.
Advantages of Liquid cooling system china: Because the number of fans is reduced, the vibration and noise generated by the fans are also reduced. The heat dissipation effect is much higher than that of the air-cooled system.

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