Comparison of Antminer S19pro+ Hydro and Whatsminer M33s++ / M53S


Dongguan Lianli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the world's leading manufacturer of liquid cooling equipment, and also the closest partner of whatsminer and antminer in China.

Antminer S19 pro+ Hydro and Whatsminer M33s++ / M53S are popular Bitcoin mining machines in the market at present. Here are some comparisons between them:

Hashrate: The hashrate of Antminer S19 pro+ Hydro is 198TH/s, while the hashrate of Whatsminer M33s++ / M53 is 240TH/s-280TH/S. There is a big difference in hashrate between the two.

Energy consumption: The power consumption of Antminer S19 pro+ Hydro is 6250W, while that of Whatsminer M33s++ / M53S is about 7400W. Antminer S19 pro+ Hydro is slightly better than Whatsminer M33s++ in terms of energy consumption.

Noise: Both brands use water-cooling technology, so the noise is low, but Whatsminer hydro adopts the shape of a 2U server, which may be more convenient for adaptation.

Price: The price of Antminer S19 pro+ Hydro is slightly lower than Whatsminer M33s++ / M53S.

Overclocking: This requires more tests. Generally speaking, the lower the power consumption ratio, the stronger its overclocking performance. M53S is 26 J/T, while s19 pro+ hydro is 27.5, but Bitmain will launch S19 in July XP hydro, the hash rate will reach 250T and the power consumption ratio is 20.5J/T. We will wait and see.

To sum up, Antminer S19 Hydro and Whatsminer M33s++ are close in terms of hash rate and energy consumption, but there is a difference in price. Everyone needs to make a choice according to their own actual situation.

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