Three steps for S19 Pro+ Hydro miner: Check before use + Basic instructions + Use and setup


This tutorial covers the following
1. S19 Pro+ Hydro server inspection before use
2. Basic instructions of S19 Pro+ Hydro server
1. New machine sign-in inspection
a. When signing for the new machine, please check whether the appearance of the package is damaged. If there is any damage, please take a photo first and contact customer service to deal with it;
b. After unpacking, please check whether the server casing is deformed, whether the fan and connecting wires are damaged, and whether the cable is damaged. If there is any damage, please take a photo first.
Contact customer service for processing;
c. Check whether there is any abnormal sound on the server. If there is any abnormal sound, please contact customer service to deal with it.
2. Precautions for use
a. Please connect the server to a router or switch with non-POE function;
b. The server can only be connected to a router or switch by wire;
c. The recommended ambient temperature is 25~30°C;
d. It is recommended that the ambient humidity be lower than 65%RH;
e. Pay attention to dust and foreign matter, so as not to corrode the computing board or affect the heat dissipation of the server;
f. It is recommended to use Google Chrome or Firefox browser to browse the server background.

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