Control mode for customized mining rig psu products


  The common power sources in customized mining rig psu products factory are dry batteries (direct current) and household 110V-220V AC power. The power supply is based on the principle of "magnetism generates electricity", which is generated by renewable energy sources such as hydraulic power, wind power, sea tide, dam water pressure difference, solar energy, and burning coal and oil residue.

customized mining rig psu products

  customized mining rig psu products Control mode refers to the method of stabilizing the voltage output. It can be divided into current mode and voltage mode from the sampling amount, and can be divided into PID and Bang-Bang control from the transfer function.

  Customized mining rig psu products Voltage mode: A control mode that samples the output voltage and performs negative feedback. Current mode: A control mode in which negative feedback is performed by sampling input current and output voltage.

  Customized mining rig psu products Dual voltage mode: A control mode that samples the output voltage and input voltage for negative feedback. PID control: A first-order or second-order PID control system constructed with a sawtooth generator and a compensation network. Bang-Bang Control: A hysteretic control system built using only comparators. Also known as hysteretic mode.

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