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World digital mining summit (WDMS) 2023


In the past few days, the "World digital mining summit 2023" organized by Bitmain came to a successful conclusion, attracting the participation of hundreds of mining companies and cooling equipment manufacturers from all over the world, as well as thousands of Bitcoin mining enthusiasts. During the summit, Bitmain showed everyone the miner with the highest hash rate currently, and it also has the best power consumption ratio on the market. Dongguan Lianli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., as the world's leading manufacturer of liquid cooling solutions for crypto mining, also brings you small, medium and large liquid cooling systems. The product has the characteristics of intelligence, high performance and high efficiency. Paired with LIANLI's remote monitoring system, mining becomes easier and simpler. At the same time, the independently developed coolant distribution unit provides better basic equipment and solutions for the development trend of hydro and Bitcoin mining heat recovery.



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