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Lianli 857S 70MM Spacing 8 gpu server case mining rig case

Ultra-quiet 857S Ultra-wide spacing efficient heat dissipation


$ 98

Category: power supply

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  • Size
    • 5.5
    • 6.5
    • 7.0
  • Memory
    • DDR3 4GB
    • DDR3 8GB
    • Not selected
  • Hard disk
    • 64GB
    • 128GB
    • Not selected
  • Power Supply
    • 2000W
    • 2500W
    • 3300W
    • Not selected




  • Description
  • Specifications
    • Commodity name: Lianli 857S 70MM Spacing 8 gpu server case mining rig case
    • Commodity ID: 857S 7.0-1
    • Price range: 83.64-250.75

    Ultra-quiet 857S Ultra-wide spacing efficient heat dissipation

    lianli 857s is the current mainstream gpu mining case, with a spacing of 70MM, making it compatible with most graphics cards on the market, using lianli's own power supply, with 93% high efficiency, making it more efficient than ordinary power supplies on the market. Power saving










































    10 years of industry experience and rich technology accumulation, and the use of high-quality electronic components to ensure product quality and stable operation













    Motherboard: LL-B75 70MM pitch 8 GPU custom motherboard
    LAN: Gigabit LAN
    CPU: Intel G2030
    USB::USB2.0*2 USB3.0*2
    Memory: DDR3 notebook memory 4G/8G (optional)
    Hard disk: MSATA 64G/128G (optional)
    Display interface: VGA+HDMI
    Fan: 500-4500 rpm double ball bearing fan*8
    Power supply: LIANLI 2U power supply 2000W/2500W
    Chassis size: 708MM*440MM*175MM
    Packing size: 870MM*510MM*245MM
    Weight: The actual weight of the product is 15KG (including power supply)
    The product volume is relatively large, the actual weight is subject to the volume weight









































    To this end, we have specially customized high-quality motherboards

    LL-B75 70MM spacing 8 GPU motherboard
    Strong stability, suitable for 98% of graphics cards on the market















































    Unique paint process, the surface is wear-resistant。
    Galvanized steel sheet, thickness 1.2mm, durable
    Multiple folding design to prevent hands from being cut when assembling graphics card

































    2 rows of 8 fans, 4 inlets and 4 outlets

    Double ball bearing silent fan, wear resistance and long life








































    and a double ball bearing fan is used. Compared with the general oil-impregnated fan,
    Quieter, has a longer lifespan, and supports speed regulation.






















    Adjust the controller
    With pwm function, stepless speed regulation at 500-4500 rpm
    Easily adjust fan speed based on ambient temperature












































    power supply installation display
    With LIANLI 2U power supply, quieter and more energy efficient

    Key words:
    • Lianli
  • Machine box: frosted black galvanized sheet; thickness 1MM; paint thickness 1.2MM; surface abrasion resistance; double folding process; vertical strength resistance 250KG
    Fan: 8 (12038) Air volume 180CFM (ft³/min)
    Working life: >50,000 hours Speed ​​4500rpm±10% Bearing type Ball Bearing (double ball)
    Cooling method: strong wind cooling; one-way air intake*4FAN/one-way air outlet*4FAN
    Main board: LL-B75M-ETH Intel Core i7/i5/i3 Celeron/Pentium LGA1155 with DC-Inpit.VGA.
    Power supply: DC 12V POWER recommended chain power direct power supply
    CPU: Intel LGA1155 series processor
    CPU cooling: air volume 31.5CFM (ft³/min)
    Rotation speed: 1900rpm±10%
    Display interface: VGA
    USB: USB 2.0*4
    Network port: Gigabit network card, RTL8111F network card chip
    Extended USB2.0: support FUSB to USB 2.0*2
    PCIE : PCIE X1*8 card slot spacing 7.0CM
    Internal memory: maximum capacity 8GB
    Memory slot 204-Pin DDR3 4GB (support 8GB) S0-DIMM slot
    Fan speed controller: adjust the speed according to the PWM duty cycle 500-4500RPM
    Hard disk: MSATA
    On Off: Reset > 10000 times
    Operating temperature: 0℃-60℃ 10%-90%@40℃ (Non self-solidifying)
    Storage temperature: -20℃-70℃ 5%-90%@40℃ (Non self-solidifying)
    Net weight: 12.1KG±0.5KG
    Gross weight: 14.4KG±0.5KG
    Chassis size: 708MM*440MM*175MM±2MM
    Packing size: 870MM*510MM*245MM±10MM

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