What to pay attention to when buying mining rig power supply


1. Before purchasing mining rig power supply, it is necessary to determine whether the local power grid voltage can meet the power supply requirements, whether the output voltage and power specifications of the power supply can meet the requirements of the supporting load application, and whether the output terminal type, polarity and quantity of the power supply are Not the same as the specific requirements of supporting load.
2. Taking full account of the differences in power plug standards in various countries, the standardized power supply is not equipped with an AC input line. Please purchase the AC input cable that can match the local power grid plug, and the type of cable end interface that is connected to the power panel. It is C13, and the cross-sectional area of the copper wire conductor of the cable cannot be less than 1mm².

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3. Now that you are going to be a miner, you need to understand that the computing power of the power supply of the mining machine is related to your income. It is not recommended to buy second-hand ones at a low price. You can buy them directly from regular manufacturers. This kind of power supply for mining machines will not Affect computing power, low power consumption, can ensure mining efficiency very well!
4. The normal way to install the power supply is to connect the output terminal first, and then connect the AC input cable after the load and the output terminal of the power supply are connected. It is not allowed to connect and disconnect the output terminals when the power supply is turned on. The arc generated by excessive DC current will damage the DC output terminals and even cause a fire hazard.
5. Keep the mining rig power supply in a good working environment and use it with derating, which can greatly increase the service life of the power supply. Therefore, it is recommended that the load power should not exceed 90% of the rated power of the power supply, the temperature should not exceed 50 degrees Celsius, and it should be used in a dust-free, non-acid-base and salt-spray environment. Derating can also allow the power supply to work at a relatively high efficiency point, saving part of the electricity bill.

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