The principle and advantages of Liquid cooling system china


The principle of Liquid cooling system china is by absorbing heat and transferring it to liquid and dissipating it to another place, and then using the air around the heat source to directly cool the heat source system, it is easy to dissipate heat from a wide range away from the heat source. To the cooling effect may be better than being cooled. It is also suitable for utilizing waste heat through cogeneration. On the other hand, there must be a liquid for cooling, except for immersion systems using oil or special organic compounds, especially water cooling requires water tightness. Drawbacks include cooling in some cases and a large number of parts, such as pumps.

Liquid cooling system china

Water without additives is cheap and has some precautions, but has the advantage of being able to evaporate and cool to the atmosphere instead of exchanging heat with a radiator. Liquid cooling with organic compounds other than water is practically impossible.
Advantages of liquid cooling systems:
1. The efficiency of liquid transfer heat is greatly improved.
2. High cooling effect and low cost.
3. The energy required for equipment cooling is reduced.
4. The fan rotates fast during cooling to reduce noise.
5. The equipment cools the waste heat quickly.
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