Liquid cooling system manufacturers introduce precautions for use


Liquid cooling system manufacturers will introduce to you: Any leakage in the cooling system may cause the entire server rack to malfunction, and if a single quick connector connected to the cooling system malfunctions, it will implicate the entire system, because the failed connector is There is no backup, so the design, structure and quality of the quick connector are critical. When choosing quick connectors to cool servers and some electronic equipment, in order to ensure its safety and reliability, what issues should be paid attention to?

Liquid cooling system manufacturers

1. Have a strong and durable design structure

High quality durable and robust quick connectors are designed to connect liquid cooling systems, allowing devices to be connected for long periods of time before they need to be disconnected. Reduce the pressure drop across the connection to minimize the throttling effect and reduce the load on the cooling system pump.

2. Dry disconnection capability to prevent liquid spillage and dripping

Liquid cooling system manufacturers tell you: Because the quick-disconnect non-drip connector has two different built-in valves, they can automatically cut off the liquid circuit when the connector is disconnected. One is a two-way valve connector. When the valve disconnects the connector, a small amount of liquid remains on the female end. After the connector is disconnected, this small amount of liquid will drip out, which may bring safety or harm to the surrounding electronic products. Reliability hazards. The second type is a true dry disconnect connector with a flat face port valve, and only a thin layer of coolant remains on the surface of the valve end, reducing the phenomenon of liquid dripping on important components, so preventing liquid leakage The dripping step must be done well.

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