Liquid cooling system supplier tells you the precautions for product use


Liquid cooling system supplier tells you what issues should be paid attention to in order to ensure its safety and reliability when choosing quick connectors to cool servers and some electronic equipment?
The operation should be simple and convenient.
It is important to be able to easily disconnect the server cooling circuit without causing any leaks. Because whether it is a plug-in connection or a twist-lock connection, the valve needs to be shut off very reliably without abnormal factors. Also, make sure the connectors are color-coded so that you can mate hot-to-hot and cold-to-cold connections in circulation lines.

Liquid cooling system supplier
Whether it is a high-quality sealing ring.
Connectors used in liquid cooling applications remain connected for extended periods of time. If reconnecting after disconnecting, make sure there are no coolant drips or leaks from the connectors. Because some inferior sealing rings will cause liquid leakage after disconnection, it is also necessary to ensure that the sealing ring and the coolant are compatible to prevent the sealing ring from swelling, shrinking, breaking or bending.
Determine if material compatibility meets requirements.
To determine whether plastics and metals are compatible with coolants, although many plastics and metals are compatible with coolants, when using coolants dedicated to cooling systems, be sure to determine whether the coolants are compatible with connector housings, seals, Valve and hose compatible. Because special care should be taken when selecting metal connectors for the cooling system, the metal connectors may come into contact with the server chassis, and the contact places may cause electrolysis and corrosion due to different metals.
Liquid cooling system supplier tells you that the electronic industry is developing very rapidly today, and the demand for product parameters is increasing day by day, while the refrigeration system is also constantly improving. In the liquid cooling system that reduces heat, quick-disconnect connectors play a big role. As the correlation between the two continues to increase, the field of connectors will become wider and wider in the future.

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