whatsminer m33s+ m33s++ m53 hydro Dedicated water-cooled cabinet


Dongguan Lianli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the world's leading manufacturer of liquid cooling equipment, and also the closest partner of whatsminer and antminer in China.

This is the latest water-cooled cabinet developed by Lianli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for whatsminer hydro miner. It consists of a cabinet, an electronic control system, and a closed cooling tower.

Cabinet: can accommodate 20 units of M33S+, M33S++ or M53, and can cool up to 200KW of heat.

Electric control system: This is an electric control system independently developed by Chain Power, which includes 10 safety detection functions: automatic water replenishment, electric power safety control, water temperature detection, water flow detection, liquid leakage detection, pressure detection, room temperature monitoring, water pump automatic Frequency modulation, water purification, water level control and other functions.

Closed cooling water tower: We have adopted a closed water tower, which can avoid the pollution of the internal circulating water from the outside world, which will reduce the service life of the miners. And it has a higher heat dissipation rate.

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