Introduction to antminer s19 pro+ hydro


Antminer S19 pro+ Hydro is a bitcoin mining machine produced by Bitmain. The mining machine will be launched in 2022, adopts 5nm process, and has a powerful computing power with a hash rate of 198TH/s. Compared with the previous Antminer S19, the computing power of Antminer S19 pro+ Hydro has increased by nearly 50%.

Antminer S19 pro+ Hydro also adopts water-cooling technology, which can maintain high-efficiency operation in a stable environment, while reducing the noise and energy consumption of the mining machine, thus saving the operating costs of the miners. In addition, it also supports multiple algorithms for Bitcoin mining, including SHA-256, BTC, BCH, etc., which can meet different mining needs.

The appearance design of Antminer S19 pro+ Hydro is simple and beautiful. It adopts a gray metal shell, which is small in size and easy to install and maintain.

In conclusion, Antminer S19 pro+ Hydro is a high-efficiency, stable, low-noise, low-energy Bitcoin mining machine, suitable for mines and miners of all sizes

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